IU admires Jay Park’s baby skin and says he has the clearest skin in Korea

On March 16th, a new video titled “[IU’s Palette] Did you block my number? (With Jay Park) Ep.11” was posted on IU‘s YouTube channel. Jay Park appeared as a guest in the video. The two became close after collaborating for Jay Park’s newly released digital single “GANADARA”. 

While watching Jay Park‘s past videos, IU praised him, “From then till now, the symbol of Jay Park that first comes to my mind is that you have the clearest skin in Korea.”

When IU said, “You really didn’t change at all,Jay Park humbly responded, “Skin treatments are magical these days.”

IU once talked about Jay Park‘s flawless skin when Loco appeared on her channel before. IU said, “Jay Park has the clearest skin among Korean male artists. It’s just peary baby skin.”

Jay Park then expressed his wish, “I hope I get to do a cosmetics advertisement,” and IU said, “You’re going to get one. I’m sure you’ll get an offer after today’s video.”

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