ITZY Yeji reached the peak of her beauty with mid-length haircut

ITZY Yeji started to change her image as she had her long hair cut.

Today (Jan 19th), Yeji posted some photos on ITZY’s official Instagram account along with the caption saying “Long time no see”.

In the photos, Yeji was smiling with mid-length hair after putting down long hairstyling that she had been sticking to since her debut. Yeji’s thin, long neck and white skin particularly stood out.

In addition, Yeji showed her innocent charm with a face that seemed to have little makeup on. Yeji boasted her flawless visuals by perfectly digesting mid-length hairstyling that she had never tried before.

Yeji, who usually showcased her cute charm through “Pucca hair”, is creating a more mature atmosphere after having her hair cut. Fans praised Yeji, who turned 23 this year, for her successful image transformation.

Meanwhile, Yeji’s group ITZY is scheduled to hold the first official fan meeting after their debut on Feb 19th. ITZY’s fan meeting “Beyond LIVE – ITZY The 1st Fan Meeting” will be held both online and offline at the same time.


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