ITZY wore high-end fashion, fans thought that TWICE is being treated unfairly

Even though ITZY has only debut a few months ago, they are loved by many fashion and cosmetics brands. They even posed for a magazine photoshoot to promote MAC, and got invited to the premiere night of the Cruise 2020 Collection of Louis Vuitton in New York. It’s very uncommon that a rookie like ITZY is invited to events of such a bigh brand like Louis Vuitton.

Apart from the compliments mentioning ITZY’s visual and aura, many netizens think that JYP is being unfair to TWICE. The 9-member girl group is one of the main income source for JYP with many shows, concerts and event to attend, but they rarely have the chance to attend international events. TWICE don’t have many collaboration with high-end brands and less chance to be invited to fashion shows of big brands.

Recently, netizens have noticed that JYP has started neglecting TWICE. The images and visual for their most recent promotion is seen as cheap. The agency didn’t focus much on the promotion this time and only let the girls finish their activity in silence. In Sana’s scandal, JYP didn’t even announce any explanation and left Sana to fend for herself in front of the netizens’ criticism. Many fans are worried that JYP is only focusing on ITZY, and TWICE is only their money maker now through concerts and events.

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