The surprising amount of money Bighit spent on advertising and why BTS doesn’t need “media play”

BTS popularity has reached the point where the company almost never has to use “media-play”.

Bighit Entertainment – BTS‘s management company – has long been known for saying no to media-play (using media to “manipulate” public opinion towards the artists in a positive way). It can be said that part of this action comes from the righteous, dedicated and fair competitive attitude of the company and BTS.

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That’s because BTS is so popular that they don’t need to use media-play but many local and international brands and broadcast stations are willing to … mention BTS to draw attention.

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Google’s CEO mentioned BTS in the conference
Google’s official Twitter account also mentions BTS
BTS also appears in auto-complete mode on the Android keyboard
BTS appeared on every domestic television channel (KBS, SBS, MBC, ..) …
… to TV shows around the world!
The group also received many invitations to appear on America’s major entertainment shows

The war of brands all over the world is becoming more fierce than ever when everyone wants BTS to become the representative for their brand, typically the world’s leading shampoo and confectionery brands.

BTS’s Jimin gave a strong look.

Because of the massive influence of BTS that went beyond Korea, for the year of 2018, Bighit Entertainment company only spent … 4 million won for advertising!

Bighit only spends about 4 million won on advertising in Korea in 2018! (The last line in the list)
Bighit only spends about 4 million won on advertising in Korea in 2018! (The last line in the list)

Netizens were surprised by this number, many of whom argued that BTS’s success largely came from the group’s massive interaction on social networks.

  • “BTS is the winner in the era of social networking.”
  • “4 million won only? Awesome!”
  • “They only spend 4 million won for advertising? I don’t think they need to advertise now. I can’t count how many ads BTS has appeared in!”
  • “4 million won is nothing compared to what Bighit earned.”
  • “Google promotes BTS? Great!”
  • “I can see how big BTS is by just watching the news!”

Sources: k14

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