“Our performance is also a message,” ITZY Lia discusses the language barrier between Kpop and international fans

ITZY recently appeared on the YouTube channel “REACT”, where they talk about their “universal appeal”.

On July 16th, ITZY appeared in a video titled “K-Pop Stars vs Google Translate Challenge!”, which was published on the YouTube channel “REACT”. 

Here, after playing several rounds of guessing original English sentences that have been translated to Korean via Google Translate, ITZY was asked: “Why do you think your music has universal appeal?”


Answering this question, Lia replied: “I think one of the reasons why so many people like our music is because of its meaning, and the message it tries to send. But I understand how some people, for them, it’s gonna be hard for them to actually understand the meaning of the lyrics.”

She then continued: “However, I think, our performance or our facial expressions, and like the melody and the songs by itself, kind of expresses that message, so you’re able to kind of understand the vibe and message of it.” 

ITZY Checkmate

Chaeryeong also added several recommendations for international fans who don’t know Korean, saying: “I recommend K-dramas, because I also learn English from dramas like ‘Friends’.” 

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