It’s just 3 weeks since “Big Mouth” aired, but Lee Jong-suk is already a strong candidate for Daesang

MBC’s weekend drama “Big Mouth” is extraordinary. 

Big Mouth“, which started not badly with a rating of 6.3% in the metropolitan area, made viewers happy with Lee Jong-suk and Yoona‘s lovey-dovey couple acting in the beginning.

However, from episode 2, Lee Jong-suk’s acting as the main character Park Chang-ho is very excellent along with the drama’s tense yet fast development.

Although Park Chang-ho was a lawyer, he was deceived and suffered from debt. He was a lawyer with no skills or backings, but after being imprisoned under the guise of Big Mouse, he showed a 180-degree change to survive in prison.

Park Chang-ho, who struggled fiercely to get out of injustice, is struggling to solve the case in prison by posing as Big Mouse when he thought his wife Mi-ho might be in danger.

Lee Jong-suk showed Park Chang-ho’s crazy and sly side in the beginning. Since then, he has been demonstrating his true value as a leading actor by evoking viewers’ admiration and immersion level with his cool situational judgment and charismatic acting.

As he boasted his “crazy” acting skills in every episode, it has already been evaluated that “This year’s MBC Drama Awards Daesang (Grand Prize) will belong to Lee Jong-suk” since the second week of airing. And in episode 6 (the third week of airing), the ratings finally exceeded 10.8%.

This is similar to MBC’s “The Red Sleeve” that was loved by the nation last year. With half of the episodes left, how will Park Chang-ho be cleared of false accusations in prison? Viewers are curious about the real Big Mouse.

Source: daum

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