It turns out a scene in the 1st episode was a spoiler for the ending of “The Red Sleeve”: “I’m getting goosebump”

The foreshadowing of “The Red Sleeve” ending, which ended with great love from the audience, is currently a hot topic. 

At the ending of the last episode of MBC’s “The Red Sleeve,” which ended on Jan 1st, Lee San (Lee Joon-ho) and Seong Deok-im (Lee Se-young) kissed and exchanged bright smiles as if they knew about each other’s feelings without saying anything.

The Red Sleeve ending

At this time, in the background was Lee San’s voice narrating, “It’s okay to call this the past. It’s okay to call this a dream. It doesn’t matter even if it’s death. I will only choose this moment with you. And hope. I hope this moment doesn’t change. May this moment last forever.”

The Red Sleeve ending

Subsequently, a narration by Seong Deok-im’s voice was added, “The moment soon became eternal.” At the same time, the audience will see Lee San’s face, who was embracing Seong Deok-im, gradually turning into dark gray, which the netizens analyzed to equal the meaning of death, and that there was a reminder of a scene in the first episode.

In the first episode, the first meeting between Lee San and Sung Deok-im as children was aired. Lee San, who was sad that his grandmother Royal Noble Consort Yeongbin Yi (Nam Ki-ae) passed away, said, “She will hate me. How much she will hate me because of the harsh words I said,” he regretted.

The Red Sleeve ending

Seong Deok-im then said, “She will know how you feel,” and added, “Everyone who died knows. Even the hidden words deep in your heart that you didn’t say,” she consoled him. In other words, netizens analyzed that in the final episode, the two remained completely in love with each other without having to say anything, just like how Seong Deok-im has said that a person who passed away knows all the hidden feelings in one’s heart.

The Red Sleeve ending

Upon hearing this, the netizen admired, “It’s a true happy ending,” “There are no lines written in vain,” and “I got goosebump the moment the color changes.”


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