It took this “Doctor Cha” trustworthy actor 18 years to get his first leading role

According to Nielsen Korea, JTBC’s “Doctor Cha” broke the rating peak by achieving a nationwide viewership of 18.5% in the latest broadcast released on May 21st.

While Uhm Jung Hwa shines as Cha Jung Sook with her passionate acting, Kim Byung Chul, who plays Cha Jung Sook’s husband Seo In Ho, is also receiving favorable reviews from viewers.

7. Seo In Ho

Seo In Ho has an affair with his first love Choi Seung Hee (Myung Se Bin) and patriarchal thoughts within his own family. However, he is an adorable and cheerful character who exudes an irresistible charm that viewers cannot hate.

When Cha Jung Sook discovers Seo In Ho’s affair, she confronts him and slaps him in the face at his birthday party. Seo In Ho looks helplessly beaten and responds with a smile.


In addition, Seo In Ho impressed viewers with his weird personality as he unexpectedly faints when Cha Jung Sook declares that she wants a divorce.

Owning an attractive deep voice and solid acting skills, Kim Byung Chul portrays Seo In Ho as a lovable character who cannot be hated. He receives great love and compliments for his performance.

Even before appearing in “Doctor Cha”, Kim Byung Chul already participated in various big projects, such as tvN’s “Goblin” and JTBC’s “SKY Castle”, and gained the title “trustworthy actor”. It actually took Kim Byung Chul, who is loved for his solid acting skills, to get a drama lead role. 

kim byung chul
kim byung chul

Making his debut in the movie “Battle of Hwangsanbeol” in 2003, Kim Byung Chul led KBS’s 2019 mini-series “Doctor Prisoner”. Expressing his feelings at the press conference for “Doctor Prisoner”, he said, “I’m happy and feel the great sense of responsibility to take on a lead role for the first time.”

With Kim Byung Chul’s first leading role in a mini-series, KBS2’s “Doctor Prisoner” aroused enthusiastic responses and achieved the highest viewer rating of 15.8%.

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