BLACKPINK Lisa can’t post photos wearing a bikini due to this reason!

At a recent fanmeeting event in Thailand, BLACKPINK member Lisa shows a relatable side by mentioning her mother. 

On May 26th (local time), BLACKPINK Lisa appeared in her home country, Thailand, to attend a fanmeeting for True ID Thailand – a platform to read news and watch various content in the nation. 

Here, Lisa appeared in a gorgeous red off-shoulder top and black trousers, with long, flowing brown hair that resembles a princess. She also shared various anecdotes, drawing attention. 

In particular, at the fanmeeting, Lisa teased fans by saying that she likes going to the beach and wearing a bikini, but can’t upload photos of that on SNS. 

“I’m shy and I think my mother would scold me”, the female idol explained, drawing attention with her witty reply and getting a lot of fans to relate with her. 


During the same event, Lisa also almost shed tears as she shared that she considered wearing a traditional Thai dress in the “Lalisa” MV one of her biggest achievements. 

“I’m genuinely proud of that and extremely happy that everyone likes it”, she said.

Source: Twitter

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