“It hurts just by looking at her”… Apink Yoon Bo-mi bleeds while performing on the stage

A video of Apink Yoon Bo-mi bleeding while performing on the stage is giving fans a shock.

On Feb 20th, a fancam video of Yoon Bo-mi‘s “Dilemma” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “SBS KPOP”.

Yoon Bomi Dilemma fancam

On this day, Yoon Bo-mi was wearing a pink two-piece and white long boots. Whenever she digested intense choreography, her long boots scratched her shin and began to bleed. In the end, it was drenched in blood.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “It must have hurt a lot, but she didn’t even show it”, “Yoon Bo-mi, don’t get sick”, “She’s a real professional”, “It hurts just by looking at her”, “Can girl groups not wear long boots?”…

Yoon Bomi Dilemma fancam
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