The production manager of ‘Double Patty’ spoke up about Red Velvet’s Irene: “It has been the entertainment industry to spoil artists.”

The production manager of the movie ‘Double Patty,’ in which Irene (Red Velvet) is the female lead, has posted a statement after the controversy related to Irene’s attitude scandal.

Recently, famous fashion editor Kang Kook Hwa accused Irene of insulting her for 20 minutes. While listening to those harsh words, Kang Kook Hwa even burst into tears because she felt humiliated, and she even recorded them as evidence. In the end, Irene had to admit her mistake and apologized to Kang Kook Hwa.

The incident became more serious when Kang Kook Hwa’s post received many likes, supportive comments from other editors, stylists, staff, etc. Besides, a series of posts related to the incident attracted the public’s attention: Some people told more about Irene’s bad personality, while someone repeatedly defended the female idol.

However, amid these controversies, another person worked with Irene posted on Instagram to express his opinion on the incident. In particular, this person is the production manager of Irene’s big-screen acting debut film ‘Double Patty.’

Previously, according to media outlet reports on October 23, ‘Double Patty’ may be postponed until later in 2021. However, a representative of ‘Double Patty’s production company denied that the film’s postponement was directly related to Irene’s recent controversy but because of the COVID-19.

In her post, the production director ‘Double Patty’ did not defame Irene or support her in this controversy. However, this person’s opinion was also controversial.

The post is as follows:

“A lot of people have been asking me about Irene. I believe this is because I am the production manager (though I quit amidst the project). 

To be frank, I don’t personally know Irene. We were on a project together, but I only spotted her a few times during the pre-shooting and a couple of times on the set after we had started filming. 

To give my two cents, as many of you have asked, I believe this is more of an industry-wide problem rather than her personality issue. 

This might offend someone, but I can see why some idols don’t behave when I see how their management team treats them. Popular idols are cash cows of the company. It could be the contract renewal issue, and there could be more behind this, but it has been the industry’s general consensus to spoil their artist. Think about how spoiled children or pets behave. You’d get the picture. 

I’m not saying every celebrity who was pampered would be rude, but the environment might have considerably affected someone’s behavior. Mutual respect would be ideal, but there’s more to think about than merely pointing fingers at those idols. Now, I can’t answer if Irene was a difficult person because I didn’t have any interactions to support that sentiment…

I hope there would be fewer personal attacks. I’ll delete my post if this further instigates the controversy.”

Although the production director’s post has some pretty straightforward and realistic views, it still made Korean netizens extremely uncomfortable. Accordingly, they said that the film director still deliberately defended Irene and blamed the management company. Knet said that Irene is an adult, in Korean age, she is also 30 years old.Therefore, she couldn’t curse at others for 20 minutes just because the company pampered her. On the other hand, Knet also said that countless idols are cash cows of the companies, but not everyone has a bad personality like Irene.

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