“Is that right…?”, a video posted by Kim Se Jeong make netizens flustered 

Idol-actress Kim Se Jeong is gaining attention after posting a video on her Instagram account.

On November 11th, Kim Se Jeong posted to her Instagram story a video of her opening a can of beer. However, her beer bubbled up and exploded all over Se Jeong’s clothes and her room.

kim se jeong

At this, Se Jeong showed an embarrassed and confused expression while saying, “So… this… Is that right?”

kim se jeong

Netizens who watched the video showed their fondness and left comments such as, “Se Jeong looks extremely cute like this”, “The video reminds me of a meme”, “Although I was flustered for a moment, the video makes me smile, it feels healing”.

kim se jeong

The video was later shared on social media platform Twitter and became a hot topic there, with numerous interactions.

On the other hand, Kim Se Jeong recently held two solo fan meetings on November 4th (in Jakarta, Indonesia) and November 6th (in Bangkok, Thailand). 

Source: wikitree

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