Is she having a boyfriend?… Winter’s action that caused attitude controversy 

aespa member Winter (real name Kim Min-jung) recently received criticism because of her inappropriate attitude.

A video titled “aespa Winter’s attitude controversy. Scenes where she got caught dating” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Unstan Camp” on July 10th.

The Youtuber mentioned aespa’s Winter, who recently appeared on MBC’s “The Manager” broadcast on July 9th.  They said, “aespa appeared on the show and revealed their dormitory”, adding “Winter couldn’t let go of her cell phone throughout the broadcast”.

In particular, the Youtuber pointed out, “The point is Winter was the only person among the four members to do so”, adding, “Although the show was edited a lot, there were still many scenes where Winter kept touching her cell phone”.

aespa winter

Screenshots from the broadcast show Winter looking at her phone all the time. In particular, Winter kept looking at her phone and did not even eat although she bought a meal to eat with the members. The MCs, who were watching the show from the recording studio of “The Manager”, also asked, “Why didn’t you eat?”. 

Regarding this situation, the Youtuber said, “Strangely, Winter seems to be obsessed with her phone these days”, adding, “Unlike other members who greeted fans when they arrived at the airport for their showcase in the U.S, Winter waved her hands once and went on talking on her phone”. A photo was released in the Youtube video to show the situation.

aespa winter

In addition, the Youtuber explained, “Winter did not scroll up and down like she was surfing the Internet but kept typing and texting someone on her phone. Right before going up the stage, she was still typing and texting on Kakaotalk”.

aespa winter
aespa winter

They added, “The fact that she took the phone with her even during the stage recording doesn’t make sense at all. She would have to leave her phone backstage to perform anyways. Such an attitude of a celebrity while filming a broadcast is not appropriate at all unless Winter was making it obvious that she was dating”, adding, “What’s more shocking is that Winter, who couldn’t let go of her phone for a second during the filming and broadcasting, did not send any Bubble messages to her fans recently”.

aespa winter

Bubble is a paid service that allows fans to have conversations with their favorite celebrities in the form of a messenger app.

The YouTuber criticized Winter, saying, “aespa recently gave a speech at the United Nations, and even there, Winter was unable to let go of her phone and was chatting on Kakaotalk all the time. Isn’t this serious?”

aespa winter

Netizens who saw the video left comments: 

  • If I was the manager, I would have knocked her phone down.
  • It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an idol only looking at her phone during broadcast 
  • It’s not even the group’s own content. It’s so not cool to use the phone during a guest appearance. 
  • No, this isn’t a dating problem. It’s just that her attitude sucks. 
  • Don’t idols usually leave their phones behind before filming begins?
  • She kept using her phone yet she didn’t send Bubble messages for two weeks.
  • But if her fansite suddenly deleted their account, there must have been something wrong. 
  • Winter is dating NCT’s Jaehyun. Let’s not hurt each other and hopefully you two last a long time. 

Source: Nate

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