“Is it Gong Yoo or Kim C?” Gong Yoo’s unexpected “daily life” side made fans feel unfamiliar

During his day off, actor Gong Yoo boasted an image completely contrasting of his cool appearances in K-dramas and movies.

On November 30th, a new video was uploaded on the official Instagram of Gong Yoo, which is operated by his agency, management Soop.

Gong Yoo

In the video, Gong Yoo can be seen eating while wearing a white T-shirt and black shorts. He expressed his worries by saying, “People will feel a sense of difference when they see my natural appearance”. Then, while drinking, he laughed and said, “Soju is too sweet.”

gong yoo
gong yoo

In addition, Gong Yoo brushed his hair with wet hands and said, “I am moisturizing my hair”. The actor seemed like he was slightly drunk, but he denied it fervently and filled the set with laughter. 

gong yoo

The video also showed Gong Yoo with messy hair and a well-loved tee, cracking up his fans. Such an image is 180 degrees different from the actors’ appearance in dramas and movies. 

gong yoo

Seeing this, fans poured out funny reactions and left comments such as “He looks like a neighborhood brother”, “I thought he was Kim C at first glance”, “He’s cute but strangely funny”.

On the other hand, the full version of Gong Yoo’s natural daily life, which was released at 4PM (KST) on December 1st, can be found on Management Forest’s official YouTube channel, “MANAGEMENT SOOP Official”.

Source: Insight

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