Interesting nicknames of BTS Suga that you may not know!

Most of the titles that the media and fans give Suga (BTS) are to praise his talent as a music producer.

BTS member Suga is a really talented person. Not only has he achieved many achievements as a member of BTS, he is also very successful as a soloist. Suga is not only a rapper but also has the ability to compose and produce music. For this reason, Suga (BTS) has been given many meaningful nicknames by the public and media..


Suga is Min Yoongi’s official stage name, used by him when working with BTS. The male idol shared that the name “Suga” comes from “shooting guard” (the position of defender of a basketball team). Besides, it also stems from the male idol’s appearance. Suga has bright white skin and a sweet like sugar smile.

Agust D

“Agust D” was taken by Suga as his stage name when releasing his mixtape. “Agus” is the reversed version of “Suga” and “tD” refers to “D-Town” or “Daegu Town” which is Yoongi’s hometown. Besides, “Agust D” also shows a different self of Yoongi.


Min PD

In addition to his work as an idol, Suga is also a music producer. Therefore, this name was born to show the respect of fans and other artists for him. Every time Suga produced or co-produced a new song, it will be credited as “produced by BTS’s Suga”. Most recently he collaborated with PSY on the song “That That”. Suga is currently one of the most sought-after producers in the industry.


Minstradamus is a combination of his surname “Min” and the name of the astrologer “Nostradamus”. The media and fans gave Suga this name because they thought he had prophetic abilities. Everything he said in the past came true. Fans and even members call him an astrologer of the group.


Min Swag

“Swag” is a slang word that refers to stylish confidence. It can be said that “swag” is the best word to describe Suga because he is always honest with himself. In addition, the members also shared that Suga is the most straightforward person in the group.


This is the stage name Suga used when he was active in the underground hip-hop group D-Town in Daegu. Gloss means brilliant, sparkling. At that time, he did the job of a music producer, lyricist and rapper.

The one who owns ”The Hand of King Midas

The Hand of Midas

That’s the title the music industry gives Suga since any song he makes becomes a hit. He is said to own “The Hand of Midas” because the songs produced by Suga are all loved by fans and break many records. This once again confirms Suga’s great musical talent. Of course, more and more artists are expressing their desire to collaborate with him in the near future.

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