Interesting facts about “All Of Us Are Dead” Cho Yi Hyun

Cho Yi Hyun’s reputation skyrocketed after her role as Nam Ra in All Of Us Are Dead. The relentless efforts of the 23-year-old actress are crucial for this success.

The young cast is getting more popular than ever after the phenomenal success of All Of Us Are Dead. Cho Yi Hyun, who portrays Nam Ra, the class president, has been receiving the most attention.

A burning passion for acting

Cho Yi Hyun was born in 1999 in Korea. She is an actress under Artist Company. Debuted in 2017, until now Cho Yi Hyun has participated in many projects, from dramas to movies.

When she first began pursuing an artistic career, the actress encountered several challenges, including being ranked towards the bottom of her class in an exam – 38/40. Her enthusiasm for acting, on the other hand, has driven her to continually practice and try her best. As a consequence, she finished second in the following exam and passed the exam at Kyunghee University’s Department of Theater and Film.

When she was a trainee under JYP Entertainment, Cho Yi Hyun was considered “the oldest trainee”. Therefore, the actress had to try harder before receiving the perfect result now.

Do not hesitate to take on new roles

Although she has yet to have a huge filmography, each of Cho Yi Hyun‘s roles has different personalities. The actress rose to fame after a small supporting role in Hospital Playlist as Yun Bok. Despite her limited screen time, the actress received a lot of praise from the audience for her natural and lovely acting skills.

She had previously appeared in the historical drama “My Country: The New Age,” in which she played Seo Yeon, Seo Hwi’s (Yang Se Jong) younger sister. This is a challenging role for her, as she must depict the character’s complicated inner feelings. The audience has shed numerous tears because of the poor character Seo Yeon.

The end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 is the time when Cho Yi Hyun‘s acting career has many significant changes. The actress appeared in the two TV shows School 2021 and All Of Us Are Dead, in which she both plays high school girls. However, Ji Won in School 2021 has a cheerful personality, whereas Nam Ra in All Of Us Are Dead has a cold and unsociable character. The two series also saw diametrically opposed results, with All Of Us Dead achieving massive popularity and School 2021 failing to capture the attention of the public.

Innocent beauty like first love

Cho Yi Hyun has an innocent beauty that gives off first love vibes. Despite the fact that she is now 23, the actress still has a pure and lovely beauty that makes many fans fall in love with her. This is also the reason why the actress stands out in schoolgirl uniforms.

Talented, beautiful and always trying non-stop, in the future Cho Yi Hyun will surely become a prominent name in the Korean entertainment industry.


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