“Inkigayo” camera directors reveal the secret behind the popularity of idols’ close-up cams (ft. aespa)

“Close-up shooting” camera directors of SBS’s music show “Inkigayo” told some behind-the-scenes stories.

SBS’s “Inkigayo” camera directors Cho Jin-hyun and Song Nak-hoon, who created idols’ legendary scenes on music broadcasts with their fully-fledged moving and close-up cams, appeared as guests on cable channel tvN’s entertainment show “You Quiz on the Block”, which aired on the evening of July 6th.

It was two years ago that close-up shots began to be applied to music shows. The video of girl group aespa performing “Next Level” became a hot topic and drew huge attention. Director Cho Jin-hyun recalled that time and said, “When I first filmed close-up shots, we only moved in and out to get closer and further but then we found it kind of boring. When Winter put her hand in, I shook and lowered the camera quickly.”

Director Song Nak-hoon added, “During the Covid-19 period, the audience was not able to watch the stages in person”, adding, “We used wide lenses for close-up shots. The more lens are attached to the camera, the more three-dimensional and realistic the scene becomes. It can make you feel like watching the performances in front of your eyes. I think that’s why fans were really satisfied with close-up scenes”, revealing his guess about the reason why close-up cams went viral. 

The preparation process was also revealed. The two directors said, “‘Inkigayo’ is broadcast on Sunday, and artists are assigned on Thursday evening. On Thursday, we listen to their songs to get used to them. On Friday, we check the movement and position. We also memorize the formation of groups with a large number of members in advance. On Saturday, we look at the details all day at home.” When asked about a memorable comment, the two made everyone laugh by replying, “For example, ‘Camera directors’ salary should be raised’.”

Director Song expressed his extraordinary passion, “Female idols put emphasis on shots that make their lines stand out and show their faces well because of their facial expressions. Male idols basically have strong performances. They put emphasis on showing the group dance coolly. Each person’s part goes by in an instant, so I try not to miss anyone.

He moved viewers by adding, “Idols do this after several years of training. I feel like I should never miss these friends and I have to capture them even for a short time.

Meanwhile, TWICE Nayeon expressed her gratitude, “(Directors) run around and sweat a lot while filming. I was touched every time they filmed me.

Source: daum

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