Indonesian broadcast hosts got shocked at the 850,000 won rare photocard of BTS Jungkook… Local media, “The most expensive photocard is 4.2 million won”

The price of BTS Jungkook’s rare photocards surprised all the hosts of a program in Indonesia and aroused keen attention from local media. 

Indonesian media Cekricek reported about the appearance of two women, who are K-pop fangirls from different fandoms, on the recently aired program called “TALKPOD NET TV”.

According to the media report, one of the two women who appeared on the show is an ARMY (BTS’s fandom name) and she also explained ưhwy she became a fan of BTS, saying, “BTS members are so cool and their songs are also touching”.


In particular, this ARMY showed the rare photocard of BTS Jungkook, which costs millions of rupiahs, and explained it to the hosts. She said that photocard of Jungkook, who is called the “Golden Maknae”, is worth 10 million rupiahs (about 850,000 won). Upon hearing the extraordinary price of a small photocard, the hosts were all greatly shocked. Another Indonesian media outlet LINE TODAY also reported that TALKPOD NET TV’s hosts were amazed by the price of a photocard of one K-pop idol that reached 10 million rupiahs. 

BTS Jungkook

It is said that the most popular K-pop idol photocards are the ones of BTS Jungkook. Among them, the most expensive photo card is the Butterful Lucky Event version, which can be sold at up to 49 million rupiahs (about 4.2 million won), making everyone surprised at such a huge number. In addition, the blue-haired Jungkook FLO photocard, was sold for 40 million rupiahs (about 3.42 million won) in Indonesia. This has certified Jungkook’s unrivaled and powerful popularity in this country.

BTS Jungkook

Earlier, Jungkook’s Butterful  Lucky Event photocard attracted 12 auction bidders on eBay and was sold at a price of 3,213 USD (about 3.7 million won at that time), showing a glimpse of the huge demand for Jungkook’s photocard even at high prices and proving Jungkook’s global influence.

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