“I’m Older than Eugene But…” Former S.E.S Member Bada Speaks Out on the Gap in Social Media Followers

Bada, a former member of S.E.S, has spoken out about the wealth disparity she has observed on social media platforms. 

During the April 5th episode of MBC’s variety show “Radio Star,” Bada appeared as a guest alongside other well-known figures such as Jo Hyun Ah, Code Kunst, and Kim Yong Pil.


During the show, Bada emphasized the importance of social media followers for sharing good news and promoting oneself. She mentioned the significant difference in followers between herself and fellow S.E.S member Eugene, who has ten times more followers than Bada. 

Bada said, “We started together as members of the same group and our lives are similar. We raise our children similarly, but suddenly I felt the wealth gap among our followers. Even though I’m her older sister, I feel like I rely on Eugene now.”

Bada then revealed her purpose for appearing on the show, saying “Since we’re on a show that the whole country loves, I want to do a campaign to raise my followers like Eugene’s. I don’t ask for much.”

Source: Nate

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