“I’m embarrassed to be tall and skinny”, a K-drama actress revealed her actual weight that’s lower than 51kg

Actress Lee Yo Won, who has 3 children, is drawing attention after revealing her actual height and weight.

On the 26th, a video that features actress Lee Yo Won reading her wiki entry was posted on the YouTube channel “MANAGEMENT KOO”. 

In the video, Lee Yo Won had the time to look at her all actress profile on famous search portal sites. Here, she found that her height and weight was listed as 173cm and 51kg on Namu Wiki. 

Regarding this, Lee Yo Won said, “I think I was 173cm when I was the tallest because I was exercising. Except for that time, I go back and forth from 171cm to 172cm.”

lee yo won

The actress also mentioned her actual weight, revealing that she was ashamed of being tall and skinny in the past. She then explained that there was a time she reduced her height and increased her weight by a little.

However, Lee Yo Won then surprised everyone by unveiling that if she weighs from 50kg up, the high-tech camera can make her look a bit round. “I try to maintain my weight below that level”, she admitted. 

lee yo won

Meanwhile, Lee Yo Won got married in 2003 and has one son and two daughters. Although she has given birth 3 times, the actress still attracts attention for perfectly maintaining her beauty and body shape. 

Lee Yo Won recently starred in the K-drama series “Green Mothers’ Club”. 

Source: insight

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