iKON, who left YG and joined an agency with 4 employees, has returned 

After leaving YG Entertainment, boy group iKON has started anew and unveiled a pre-release track from their upcoming album.

On the afternoon of the 25th, iKON released the Performance MV for “Tantara”, a pre-release track from their 3rd full-length album “TAKE OFF”, through their official YouTube channel.


“Taranta”’ is a song co-written and composed by iKON members Kim Donghyuk and BOBBY. It is also a hip-hop dance genre based on boom bap.

Amid strong beats, lyrics such as “We’re a little busy playing”, “Taste it”, and “It’s bread” added a touch of humor. In addition, the choreography was enriched by the participation of dancer Aiki and her dance team, “HOOK”.


iKON’s 3rd full-length album, which was produced by all members except for one song, can be found on domestic and international music sites at 6 PM (KST) on May 4th.

Upon seeing the performance of the pre-released “Tantara”, fans showed various reactions such as “The song is so good”, “iKON is all about hip-hop”, and “YG, who allowed the group name to be used as is, is also amazing.”


Earlier, YG Entertainment allowed iKON to continue using their group name when starting anew with 143 Entertainment.

On December 30th of last year, YG Entertainment officially announced the expiration of the exclusive contract with iKON, stating, “We sincerely thank iKON for being with us as artists”, adding, “We look forward to and support their activities in various fields in the future.”

Source: Insight

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