Idol-Turned-Actor Demands Whopping 400 Million Won in Appearance Fee, Kim Gura Reveals

Kim Gura shared a surprising story about a globally famous idol-turned-actor.

On his personal YouTube channel on June 2nd, Kim Gura pointed out the situation in the Korean film industry. He said, “‘Killing Romance’ had an audience of about 170,000 (as of last month), while ‘Dream’ with IU and Park Seo Joon had 980,000 viewers. Director Jang Hang Joon’s ‘Rebound’ had an audience of 680,000. The domestic film industry is in a very difficult situation right now.


Kim Gura also mentioned Korean actors’ appearance fees, saying, “These days, actors’ market value is quite high. Not just the big names, but even idol actors are asking for 400 million won.”

He added, “As they are globally recognized artists with secured fans, actors’ market value has increased significantly. Consequently, the share of actors’ appearance fees in production costs has also become higher.”

At the moment, Kim Soo Hyun is reportedly the highest-paid actor in the history of Korean TV, with a fee of 500 million won per episode. Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun, on the other hand, are two actresses with impressive appearance fees of around 200 million won per episode.

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