“Ice Prince/Ice Princess” in the idol industry: BTS Jin topped the list, followed by ENHYPEN Sunghoon

BTS Jin was selected as the No.1 idol representative “Ice Prince” for the Winter Olympics.

Ice Prince/Ice Princess

Global K-pop fandom platform Whosfan held a vote from February 1st to February 7th under the theme of “Which Ice Princess/Ice Prince idols are perfect for winter sports?” Jin took the top spot.

Ice Prince/Ice Princess

This vote, which was based on recommendations from fans through Whosfan’s official SNS account, featured “cool-looking” male and female idols that go well with winter sports. Candidates were CIX Bae Jin-young, ENHYPEN Sunghoon, BTS Jin, NCT Jaemin, Golden Child Bong Jae-hyun, MONSTA X Minhyuk, VIXX N, Yuju and aespa Winter.


In particular, in this vote, Sunghoon, who was a “standing army” in the national figure skating team, N, who obtained a figure skating certificate, Bong Jae-hyun and Jaemin, who used to be athletes, as well as Bae Jin-young, Jin, Minhyuk and Yuju, who are interested in winter sports, were nominated.

Bae Jinyoung

After fierce ranking changes, BTS Jin topped the list with 49.31%. ENHYPEN Sunghoon took second place with 42.35% and CIX Bae Jin-young ranked third with 3.10%.


Whosfan will publish a planned article and run an in-app pop-up advertisement for a week for BTS Jin. Detailed information regarding compensation can be found through Hanteo News and Whosfan application.

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