“I remember everything,” actress Ha Yeon-soo plans charges against the press, openly targets journalists

Actress Ha Yeon-soo expressed her anger at media outlets and reporters for posting malicious articles about her.

On May 24th, Ha Yeon-soo captured and posted on her Instagram story several articles written using her photos.

At the same time, Ha Yeon-soo said, “I’ve been a ‘bony human’ since the year before, but do you want a 33-year-old 40kg person to become a Squirtle?” and added, “My smile is originally bright. Media A is still consistently too much. Stop saying, “She went to Japan.” Please stop the mischievous articles with my photo,” she pointed out.

Ha Yeon-soo said, “The fact that I suffered from the wrong facts. I remember all the particular media outlets. When you write an article, please check the facts conscientiously. Don’t you know that people’s lives are at stake? Human beings are the worst.”

Ha Yeon-soo

She also said, “Is that the best thing the media can do? Because you’re in the entertainment department, not the social department? I don’t have a good image, and I don’t get any penny of profits, so what’s this relationship? It has become their right to scrap photos and exaggerate articles,” she said.

Ha Yeon-soo

“Sponsors, personality problems, AV actress, Japanese Nazi flag, and fights with fans on Facebook. I’m not a Japanese Nazi supporter or that is not even my fan, but I’m still angry when I think about it,” she said. “They make me suffer from a wrong fact that I didn’t have, and when that fact is proven wrong, they wiggle out like a flamboyant loach. Now that I’m an independent artist with no agency, I think it’s easier for me to sue the media. Journalists, you’ve done enough,” she said.

Ha Yeon-soo

In addition, she mentioned the real names of journalists from certain media outlets and said, “Reporter B, reporter C. Can I file a personal complaint? If you’re watching, correct the malicious articles so far,” venting her anger.

Ha Yeon-soo
Ha Yeon-soo

Meanwhile, Ha Yeon-soo, who debuted in 2013 with the movie “Temperature of Love,” is currently studying art in Japan. Some have spread rumors about her retiring from the entertainment industry, but she has indirectly denied all of it.

Source: Nate

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