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Hyuna ♥ Dawn, more than 100 kisses a day, story behind powerful kiss on stage revealed

Hyuna confessed that she was having a hard time because of her boyfriend Dawn’s kissing habit.

On the July 20th broadcast of MBC’s program “Radio Star”, Hyuna discussed the excessive affection of her fiancé Dawn.

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According to the female artist, she recently attempted to steal attention with a surprise on stage, saying: “I went on stage with Dawn at the university festival, and I felt that it would be really cool if Dawn took off his top and did a body wave. So I asked him to take the top off and appear on stage, and the picture came out exactly the way I thought it would”.

Hyuna also mentioned the kiss that happened during the same performance, which attracted even more attention that Dawn being topless.

“I can do anything on stage, and at the time, a lot of the audience was shouting for us to kiss. It was too hot, so I grabbed Dawn’s chin and kissed him, saying ‘If you’re going to do it, be cool’. Looking back, it was a really beautiful picture”, Hyuna said with satisfaction.

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The female artist then continued to share about her relationship with Dawn: “I usually don’t handle skinship well, and I only do it on stage, it bothers me a lot. Meanwhile, Dawn is a kissing fanatic who’d do it too much if I leave him alone. He can kiss me over a hundred times a day.”

hyuna radio star

At this, Radio Star MC Ahn Young Mi expressed her surprise, saying: “I always see photos of you guys kissing on SNS, so I thought you like it too”, to which Hyuna replied “I like to take pretty photos for SNS, but Dawn is the exact opposite.”

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