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A former girl group member who frequently performed in the military… “Skirt ripping performance, soldiers collapsed”

Hanyoung, a former member of “military president” girl group LPG, revealed an anecdote about a performance at the military camp.

Singer Hanyoung appeared as a guest on MBC’s “Radio Star“, which aired on July 20th. Hanyoung was asked, “You used to be a member of ‘military president’ LPG, what does LPG mean?

Hanyoung explained, “It’s Long Pretty Girl (LPG).

When asked about her popularity in the military, Hanyoung replied, “We went there a lot. When we were performing ‘Can Can’, we ripped our skirts in the second verse. (The soldiers) collapsed because of this performance.”

She recalled, “Once there was a fan who made and wore an LPG gas cylinder costume among many soldiers. The song ‘Can Can’ has a high pitched range, but they sang along like a military unit.”

When asked “Did you have any difficulties as ‘military president’?”, Hanyoung made everyone feel sorry for her as she said, “Our choreography is ‘Can Can’ dance, so we had to do leg splits and lift our legs 180 degrees. I suffered a stress fracture while doing that choreography.”

Hanyoung debuted under the group LPG in 2005. She has been working as a singer and broadcaster since the disbandment of LPG’s 1st generation. She married trot singer Park Koon last April.

Source: wikitree

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