Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, who liked who first? According to evidence captured by Netizen Investigation Squad…

It has been so obvious since then. People said Hyun Bin liked Son Ye-jin first.

While “the couple of the centuryHyun Bin and Son Ye-jin‘s every move is drawing attention day after day, the sweet mode of the two during a live broadcast in the past is becoming a hot topic on online bulletin boards.

hyun bin son ye jin

Those who appeared in the movie “The Negotiation” rarely filmed in the same location during filming. Nevertheless, it is rumored that the couple produced a particularly sweet mode in the publicity broadcast before the movie’s release and received suspicious pink looks from officials.

hyun bin son ye jin

In this video, the two react “excessively” whenever the other person says or does something. Hyun Bin sits so close to Son Ye-jin, and when Son Ye-jin speaks, he may look at the host or look ahead, but he cannot take his eyes off Son Ye-jin with his honey dripping eyes.

In fact, it was said that Hyun Bin, who was originally a bit reticent, took particular care of Son Ye-jin at the scene.

hyun bin son ye jin

Fans who saw the video responded, “This is when love began”, “I think Hyun Bin liked Son Ye-jin first” and “The drama has become reality”, adding blessings to the couple’s future.

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