Hyeri made a comeback on variety shows through “HMLYCP” after 2 years and 4 months but the result is below expectations

Girl’s Day member and actress Lee Hye Ri recently returned to entertainment activities through “HMLYCP” but her performance is regrettable.

Hyeri made her comeback on TV shows after 2 years and 4 months since she dropped out of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” in November 2020. Airing its first episode on March 12th, “HMLYCP”, starring Hyeri, Miyeon, Lee Jung, Choi Ye Na, Kim Chae Won and Patricia, is the first entertainment program produced by “Amazing Saturday” former PD Lee Tae Kyung after moving to a new agency. 


Regarding his reunion with Hyeri, PD Lee Tae Kyung poured compliments on the actress, saying “I think Hyeri has outstanding abilities as an entertainer. Variety shows require quick thinking, broad perspectives and the flexibility to understand the flow of the show, and she amazingly possesses them all. I really wanted to work with her again.”

Hyeri debuted as a member of the idol group Girl’s Day in 2010 and has been active in various fields, including singing, acting and variety shows. As a singer, Hyeri and her group Girl’s Day is remembered by the public through various hit songs, such as “Darling”, “Something”, “Ring my Bell”, “Expectation”, etc. As an entertainer, she impresses netizens with her confident, energetic and cheerful charms on various programs, such as “Real Men”, “Amazing Saturday”, etc. Hyeri reached her heyday after starring in tvN’s drama “Reply 1988”, which ended in 2016, as Sung Deok Sun. Along with the huge success of “Reply 1988”, Hyeri gained favorable reviews for her performances and recognition as an actress, making Deok Sun the best character in her acting career.


Hyeri dropped out of “Amazing Saturday” to focus on acting but her acting projects after “Reply 1988”, such as “Two Cops”, “My Roommate Is a Gumiho”, “Moonshine”, “May I Help You”, etc., recorded poor results and failed to help the actress stand out among young actresses. Therefore, she decided to return to the entertainment world through ENA’s “HMLYCP”. Despite her efforts, the show is not appealing to the public as episodes 1 and 2 recorded low ratings of only 0.3% and 0.5%, respectively.

With the story of the members buying furniture and daily necessities for their empty house with money earned from various games, “HMLYCP” was expected to show fresh fun and amazing chemistry. However, unlike other entertainment programs where the cast actively participated in creating their own scenes to fill the duration of the broadcast, most “HMLYCP” members only followed the production team’s direction because they are unfamiliar with variety shows.

HMLYCP poster

Hyeri is the oldest and most experienced member of the show. She shared, “I used to be the youngest among the cast of dramas and programs all the time, but at some point, I started to have juniors”, adding “It’s more comfortable to be the oldest.”

Attention is focused on whether Hyeri will be able to overcome the current sluggish performance of her show and regain viewers’ trust as both an entertainer and an actress.

Source: Daum

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