HYBE’s first Japanese group &TEAM debuts on December 7th, taking brilliant first steps 

&TEAM, HYBE’s first Japanese group (Yuma, Maki, Harua, EJ, K, Taki, Nicholas, Fuma, Jo) took their first step into the world music market.

&TEAM, which is under HYBE Labels Japan, released their debut album “First Howling: ME” at midnight on December 7th. Headed by general producer Bang Shi Hyuk, this album, featuring the strongest HYBE writers who worked with BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), contains the first journey of boys who have realized their inner voice that wants to challenge and grow.

& team

The first track is the title song “Under the skin”, a combination of emo punk and hip hop. Nine boys sing about the moment when they realize each other’s existence and unite as one through a howling they hear from somewhere. The lyrics “Even if I’m alone is impossible / I want to meet and get to know you” and “I want to resonate and prove each other” reveal the identity of nine people with different personalities as a team to connect various worlds.

The song, which was pre-released on November 22nd of last month, has been on YouTube’s most popular music videos in 6 countries/regions, and is attracting worldwide attention, surpassing 3 million views in just two days after the music video was released.

& team

The second track, “Scent of You”, reinterprets the new jack swing genre that was popular in the early 2000s in a modern way, depicting the moment when one is instinctively attracted to a “you” who shares the same thoughts. On December 7th, the music video for “Scent of You” was released on the HYBE Labels YouTube channel, drawing attention. In the video, &TEAM perfectly performed the groovy hip-hop choreography, and caught the eye with a tight synchronized dance even with 360-degree camera work.


“Buzz Love” (バズ愛) draws attention as general producer Bang Shi Hyuk directly participates in the songwriting process. It is a song that expresses the feelings of a boy who falls in love and is thrilled. Cute lyrics such as “My heart is excited like popcorn” and a bouncy melody deliver eargasms. 

Finally, the last track, “The Final Countdown (&TEAM ver.)” is the signature song &TEAM’s pre-debut program “&AUDITION – The Howling -“, and a cheering song for everyone facing a new challenge.

& Team

Meanwhile, the global group &TEAM will hold a debut showcase on December 8th at 8:25 pm (KST). The event will be held at the Tokyo Gymnasium with a capacity of 10,000 people. This event will be broadcast live worldwide simultaneously on the HYBE Labels YouTube channel, providing real-time English subtitles for overseas fans.

Source: daum 

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