HYBE & Source Music organizes ‘Life4Cut Audition’ to select BTS & LE SSERAFIM junior groups

HYBE is looking for next-generation idols to continue the success of its representative groups BTS, TXT, and LE SSERAFIM.

Self-photo studio “Life4Cut” recently announced that they would hold a special audition with Big Hit Music and Source Music.

The way to participate in this audition is very simple. After going through the verification process via the “Life4Cut” app and obtaining an individual QR code, participants can go to any “Life4Cut” store in Korea to have their photos taken and submit their applications.


Big Hit Music and Source Music plan to select trainees for the next-generation idol boy and girl groups to continue the success of BTS, TXT, and LE SSEARFIM through this ‘Life4Cut Audition’.

This ‘Life4Cut Audition’ was prepared to allow more participants to audition. Only those born in 2006 or later can participate in this audition.

Male applicants can join the audition by taking photos with Big Hit Music frame, while females’ applications can be submitted through Source Music frame.


All photo shoots for the audition are taken “free of charge”, and even if one doesn’t apply for the audition, they can still have their photos taken at offline stores with fees.

For detailed audition participation instructions, participants can refer to “Big Hit Music & Source Music’s Life4Cut Audition” notice on the main screen of the Life4Cut app.

The audition period is from May 31st until June 30th.

Source: Insight

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