Kara members leave the trophies they received for the recent group album at Goo Ha Ra’s memorial space

Netizens were touched by the way Kara members prove their eternal friendship with the late member Goo Ha Ra.

It’s already been five years since the late Kara member Goo Ha Ra passed away. Fans who miss Goo Ha Ra and her bright image when she was alive often visit her at the memorial hall. 

What recently drew attention was the appearance of some trophies at Goo Ha Ra’s memorial place, which is normally filled with her pictures, flowers, and letters from fans. 

Last year, Kara made their first comeback as a whole group after seven years and won those trophies during their promotional activities. 

In January this year, the girl group received K-POP Special Award at the 32nd Seoul Music Awards. At that time, Han Seung Yeon mentioned Goo Ha Ra when delivering her acceptance speech on behalf of the group, saying “There’s a friend who cannot join us today, but we receive this award together with her”.

In particular, the Seoul Music Awards trophy Kara left at Goo Ha Ra’s memorial space has the phrase “Kara Goo Ha Ra” written on it.

Kara also dedicated the No.1 trophy they received for the title song “WHEN I MOVE” on KBS2’s “Music Bank” to Goo Ha Ra. In this way, the members wanted to show that they are always together.

Kara touched the hearts of many K-pop fans when they left an empty seat for Goo Ha Ra in their comeback music video and also on the stage.

Showing admiration for the way Kara members always remember Goo Ha Ra, netizens commented, “Kara is truly an amazing group”, “Goo Ha Ra must be very happy in heaven”, etc.

Source: Insight

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