Hwasa confessed, “I will just tear up whenever I think of Wheein… There were times where I was angry and upset”

Hwasa confessed her feelings about Wheein, who has just moved to a new agency.

In the full version of “MMM_Where are we now”, MAMAMOO’s 4-part documentary aired on wavve, which was released on March 25th, the members honestly conveyed their feelings towards Wheein, who moved to a new agency.


In particular, Wheein moved from MAMAMOO’s agency RBW to THE L1VE in August 2021. Since it was the first time the members revealed their feelings about Wheein, the broadcast drew keen attention.


Regarding Wheein’s decision to change company, Solar asked, “Wouldn’t it better if we left together to keep the name MAMAMOO?”, expressing her disappointment. Moon Byul calmly said, “But is this the end now?”.


The members began to shed tears one by one when it comes to honest talks. Wheein wiped her tears while listening to the two member’s honest confession. She focused her eyes on the screen which continued to show her story. Wheein on the screen said, “I have done so many things while working as a member of MAMAMOO. I received so much love. We always won 1st place and sold all concert tickets. Since I have experienced a lot of thankful moments, I think I now want to be happy the most, rather than continuing to be greedy for those things”. She confessed her feelings about taking on new challenges. 


Hwasa, who has maintained her friendship with Wheein since middle school, showed strong affection towards Wheein as she said, “I can totally understand Wheein’s thoughts and feelings. I can’t seem to explain it like this. Just… My heart just hurts. I will just tear up whenever I think of Wheein. When I reach home after work, there were many times I’ve teared up because of Wheein. Because I was upset. There were times where I was angry, where I was upset, where my heart hurt for her, where I got worried for her. Just… We’ve been through everything since we were young. So I just hope that no matter where she goes, she will be happy. That’s all I ask for.”

Moonbyul, who was crying, also brought up the story that there were too many people in between the four of them. She confessed, “Because there are too many people, when I hear things I don’t wish to hear, it’s just really hard for me. I would rather us behave like how we were during pre-debut days. Quarreling, cursing at each other, it’s to the point where I’d rather go back to those times.”


MAMAMOO’s documentary “MMM“, which contains concerns and growing pains that came to MAMAMOO members, can be found on wavve.

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