“Hug each other affectionately”… V – Jennie, unconfirmed sightings at BLACKPINK’s private listening party

While BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie’s dating rumors continue to be raised, they are suffering from unconfirmed sightings.

Recently, a photo that was taken at the “Private Listening Party” held in Seongsu-dong, Seoul to commemorate the release of BLACKPINK‘s new album quickly spread on various online communities.

In the photo, a woman wrapped her arms around a man’s neck and stayed close to him. The man also hugged the woman’s waist tightly.

bts v jennie

Some netizens who saw the photo claimed that the couple in the photo were Jennie and V, citing Jennie’s outfit and the man’s hairstyle at the time of the listening party.

However, there was a heated debate among netizens over the authenticity of the photo. The date of the listening party and V-Jennie’s outfits do not match.

BTS V jennie

In the end, the netizen who first circulated the photo said “I won’t publish this photo again until I find more evidence. I couldn’t fully confirm that they were V and Jennie, and I couldn’t find the source either” then deleted the photo.

Earlier, Jennie and V’s dating rumors began with a photo taken on Jeju Island. Afterwards, a number of photos such as waiting room photos and couple look photos were leaked, further firing these rumors.

However, the agencies of both sides have not made any statement on dating rumors.

Source: nate

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