How is Ahn Bo-hyun in person? “He’s 100 times more handsome”

Ahn Bo-hyun’s appearance caught the eyes of prospective firefighters.

In episode 10 of tvN’s entertainment show “The Backpacker Chef”, which aired on July 28th, Baek Jong-won, Oh Dae-hwan, Ahn Bo-hyun and DinDin went on a business trip to the National Fire Service Training Center’s general firefighting training team, where prospective firefighters gathered.

On this day, Ahn Bo-hyun was very busy in the kitchen. He brought a basket for DinDin, who was in charge of deep-fried vegetables, and taught Oh Dae-hwan, who had to make the parched bulgogi taste like fire, how to use a flamethrower. Nevertheless, when Oh Dae-hwan could not touch the flamethrower well, he gave the taste of fire to the parched bulgogi himself.

Ahn Bo-hyun then identified the location of the kimchi as instructed by Baek Jong-won earlier and informed Baek Jong-won clearly. Ahn Bo-hyun, who played an active role as a sunshine in the kitchen, complimented himself, “Aren’t I almost like a robot?”

In addition, Ahn Bo-hyun was also known as the sunshine among prospective firefighters. They scrambled to praise his appearance, “You’re handsome.” Ahn Bo-hyun said humbly, “I’m in bad shape now. I’m in such a bad condition.”

Meanwhile, prospective firefighters, who had already received food, could not take their eyes off Ahn Bo-hyun. They drew attention by saying, “Ahn Bo-hyun, his proportions are different”, “His face is really small”, “He’s too tall”, “He’s almost 100 times more handsome in person” and “This is the best place to see his face.”

Source: nate

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