How Gong Yoo and Im Su-jeong regretted their kiss scene on “Finding Mr. Destiny”

“Finding Mr. Destiny” is a 2010 South Korean romantic comedy starring Im Su-jeong and Gong Yoo.

It was a scene where Ji-woo (Im Su-jeong) and Kim Jong-wook (Gong Yoo) kiss each other passionately during their trip to India. It soon became a hot topic as everyone couldn’t contain themselves seeing the two best actors kiss each other on-screen. 

Gong Yoo Im Soo-jung

The actors and directors bowed their heads whenever this scene appeared, expressing their regret. There is a different reason for each of them. Gong Yoo said that he opened his eyes in the kiss scene and ruined the atmosphere because he looked like he was in a horror movie, while Su-jeong was sad that she couldn’t make the kiss deeper, and the director expressed regret that Im Su-jeong looked awkward in that scene due to his filming and editing. 

Nevertheless, many people still liked that scene, saying that it was a romantic kiss scene that all women would want to be in once.

Source: Daum

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