How did IVE become a “super rookie” just one year after their debut?

“MZ Wannabe Icon” IVE (An Yu Jin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Won Young, Liz, Leeseo) celebrated their first debut anniversary.

After making a splendid debut in the music industry with “ELEVEN” on Dec 1st last year, IVE has made 2022 their year despite being a first-year rookie.


Less than a year after their debut, IVE is the group with the most wins on TV music broadcasts in 2022 with 37 wins. Not stopping at that, they won 5 “Rookie of the Year” awards and 2 Daesang at MMA 2022 and 2022 MAMA AWARDS.

IVE’s influence soon grows into a syndrome. With just two singles, IVE surpassed the 1 million sales record in six months, the fastest girl group in history to do so.


IVE also set remarkable records on major digital music charts. IVE achieved their first No.1 on the Melon daily chart with “LOVE DIVE”, and has since topped the daily charts on all music sites. “ELEVEN” and “LOVE DIVE” also remained at the top of the list side by side, establishing themselves as a trustworthy “digital monster”. In addition, the music video views of IVE’s three title songs are all boasting more than 100 million views each.

Like the meaning “I HAVE = IVE”, IVE took their first step in the music industry by expressing the confidence of a “complete group” rather than the story of a “growing group” with independent girls’ confident charm.

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IVE’s confidence is the result of challenges. IVE, who has been focusing on finding songs and parts optimized for each member’s vocal range and timbre through test recordings even before their debut, tried various styles of songs by digesting various genres with each individual’s personality, which became a stepping stone to build IVE’s own color.

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“ELEVEN” – “LOVE DIVE” – “After LIKE” all show different musical textures, but through the lyrics, IVE created a “narcissus trilogy” and completed their worldview. IVE, who challenged various genres without being bound by a specific image or standardized formula that rookies should keep, created a sensation as they imprinted the group’s identity and unrivaled team color by showcasing trendy music, performances and visuals.

Source: Daum

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