“Home Ground”, which deals with Korean lesbian spatial history, confirmed to be released in November

The movie “Home Ground” (directed by Kwon Ah-ram) confirmed to be released in November

On Sep 26th, the distributor Cinesopa announced this as well as revealed the launching poster and trailer for “Home Ground”. “Home Ground” is a film that chronicles the queer history from the 1970s to the present, as narrated by “Myung-woo hyung (older brother)”, the icon of Korea’s first lesbian bar “LesVos”. It is the first film to archive the distorted and erased spatial history of Korean lesbians. Director Kwon Ah-ram, known for works like “Queer Room” and “463 Poem of the lost”, documented the memories of minorities hidden beneath the urban surface in previous works.

Home Ground

Through “Home Ground”, director Kwon Ah-ram meticulously illuminates the spaces of lesbians, a marginalized presence even within the queer community. “Home Ground” dramatically unfolds the historical records that gained fame as hotspots in the lesbian community of the respective eras, as well as the vivid memories of those who frequented these places.

Home Ground

The newtro-inspired launching poster released this time featured Yoon Kim Myung-woo, the owner of “LesVos”. In the midst of the cheerful and lively energy of the people who transformed an ordinary place into a cultural space, the overwhelming presence of Yoon Kim Myung-woo, a 60-year-old lesbian who has walked that history from the 1970s, attracted attention.

Home Ground

Yoon Kim Myung-woo is a legendary queer icon with various titles, such as Korea’s first individual to come out in the media, LGBTQ+ human rights activist and drag king theater actor. In the trailer, Yoon Kim Myung-woo reads an exaggerated newspaper article and exclaims, “This is a lie!” Yoon Kim Myung-woo playfully admonishes, “Don’t call me ‘aunt’, call me Myung-woo hyung!” These moments enhanced viewers’ sense of closeness with Yoon Kim Myung-woo and heightened curiosity.

Source: Naver

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