Four hairstyles that never go out of style, worn by the famous actress Song Hye Kyo herself 

These haircuts can help renew one’s image immensely.

Over time, Song Hye Kyo has had various style changes. When it comes to diversity, Song Hye Kyo is a name that cannot be missed. From youthful-looking and athletic to elegant and classy, it is as if the actress has tried all styles in existence. What’s a better way to convey her incredible sense of style than through a hairdo? Among the haircuts she has worn, some can bring a timeless feel to the wearer.

Bob haircut

song hye kyo

A bob cut followed Song Hye Kyo through a long time of working as Moon Dong Eun on “The Glory”. The cut adds an evenness to one’s hair and polish to one’s overall image with a simple middle part. The bob cut has withstood many trend cycles and can bring stylishness and class effortlessly.

The bob cut can go with one’s natural jet-black hair color or a muted brown hue. A bit of a curl can enhance the effect of the hairstyle.

Short, layered haircut

song hye kyo

A short, layered haircut accompanied actress Song through the drama series “Encounter”. To complete the overall cut, Song Hye Kyo opted for bangs for a gentle sweetness to her image. Moreover, the cut effectively frames her face, making her features slenderer and her chin sharper. What’s more, the haircut can fit almost all face shapes. A chocolate-brown color can also brighten up one’s face.

Shoulder-length tresses  

song hye kyo

When Song Hye Kyo is in need of a haircut to accompany her power dressing while retaining a sense of femininity, the actress opts for shoulder-length tresses. While the look requires little effort, the effects are immense and clear. Moreover, the haircut can accompany various looks.

Long wavy hair

song hye kyo

Known for her innocent beauty, Song Hye Kyo has worn a long wavy hairstyle on countless occasions. Yet, it never loses its effect. With a clear middle part, “The Glory” actress exudes elegance and gentleness. One can cut wispy bangs for a more modern image change.

Source: K14  

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