LE SSERAFIM visiting Hong Eun-chae visited Japan, HKT48 Anna Murashige ‘urge’ people to clean up “three pieces of garbage each” 

Anna Murashige, former member of HKT48, expressed her affection for Hong Eun-chae (LE SSERAFIM).

On the afternoon of the 13th, Murashige Anna posted a picture on her social media, saying, “Since my eun-chae is coming to Japan, please pick up three pieces of trash per person who is on the road”.

shige anna murashi

The released photo showed Hong Eun-chae leaving the airport. Earlier in the morning that day, LE SSERAFIM departed for Japan through Gimpo International Airport to attend “KCON 2022 Japan”.

Anna, Known as LE SSERAFIM Sakura‘s best friend, recently showed off her abundant affection for Eun-chae. In the recently released video, she said, “I want to protect Eunchae with my life. If there is anyone who opposes Eunchae, I will give them all red cards”.

le sserafim eunchae
Image: Murashige Anna SNS

Anna Murashige was born in 1998 and made her debut as a freshman in HKT48 in 2012 and graduated from the group last year.

Source: nate

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