His body… Lee Je Hoon returns with a completely different visual in “Taxi Driver 2”

Actor Lee Je Hoon returns with a completely different visual.

Lee Je Hoon plays the main character “Kim Do Gi” in SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Taxi Driver 2“, which will premiere on Feb 17th. He is a “representative driver of Rainbow Taxi Company” and a taxi hero specializing in villain hunting who punishes perpetrators on behalf of innocent victims.

Lee Je-hoon

“Taxi Driver 2” released new still cuts featuring Kim Do Gi (Lee Je Hoon) on Jan 16th.

In the still cuts, Lee Je Hoon has a long hair style that has grown to the point of covering his eyes while being imprisoned in solitary confinement.

Lee Je Hoon then surprised everyone by taking off his top and training his physical strength in solitary confinement. In particular, he is showing off his wild beauty with a muscular body and tendons that have never been seen before.

Lee Je-hoon

The production team of “Taxi Driver 2” said, “Lee Je Hoon is doing his best every moment on set based on his special affection for the ‘Taxi Driver’ series. From acting to visual, he has a tremendous passion to provide completeness and fun beyond season 1.

SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Taxi Driver 2” starring Lee Je Hoon will premiere at 10 PM on Feb 17th.

Source: Wikitree

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