Hilarious office ladies of the Korean small screen that will bring you a good laugh 

Prior to A Business Proposal’s Kim Se Jeong, viewers have been amused by famous names like Hwang Jung Eum or Kim Hye Soo.

One of the traits of the character Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong) in A Business Proposal that everyone loves is probably because she is funny, lovely and always makes the audience laugh. Besides Shin Ha Ri, there are other office “comedians” in Korean dramas that everyone needs to know about. 

Ms. Kim – The Queen Of Office (2013) 

Kim Hye Soo is famous for her strong, independent female leads and the role of Ms. Kim in The Queen Of Office is no exception. Ms. Kim in this drama is a seasonal worker and will disappear after her 3-month contract ends. She’s a rather mysterious person when no one knows about her private life or personal information, but Kim is an outstanding employee with the threefold productivity as others. 

The times when Ms. Kim argued with her boss or gave instructions to her team members always made viewers laugh because of its natural humor and funny situations. Kim may seem aloof and difficult, but this character’s interaction with the rest of the staff at work is the most humorous as well as the most worth watching point of this drama.

Kim Hye Jin – She Was Pretty (2015) 

The peak of humor but still cute and not ridiculous is definitely the character Kim Hye Jin in She Was Pretty played by Hwang Jung Eum. Although Kim Hye Jin‘s initial appearance is not very good-looking, her cheerful, carefree and innocent personality wins the hearts of everyone around her, even viewers.

The character Kim Hye Jin left such a beautiful impression thanks to Hwang Jung Eum‘s excellent acting. Of the drama’s many remakes in other countries in Asia, no one can portray this character as good as Hwang Jung Eum

Eun Bong Hee – Suspicious Partner (2017) 

The character Eun Bong Hee had quite a bit of bad luck right in episode 1 of Suspicious Partner and that was the beginning of this character’s hilarious fate. 

Nam Ji Hyun‘s aura and acting style are extremely suitable for the image of the character Eun Bong Hee. Every time she appears, the atmosphere brightens up both thanks to her smile and her positivity. Eun Bong Hee may not be as funny as Miss Kim or Kim Hye Jin, but it’s a blessing to have a happy employee like her at work.

Sung Deok Mi – Her Private Life (2019) 

While working at a museum and hiding her identity as a die-hard fan, Sung Deok Mi (Park Min Young) is a funnier office lady than most people think. Due to having to hide her life as a fan, many funny situations revolved around Sung Deok Mi

Inside that somewhat cold exterior is a soul that is a passionate fan of her idol. No one initially thought Sung Deok Mi would be this funny, but the end result far exceeded expectations. 

Shin Ha Ri – A Business Proposal (2022) 

If Shin Ha Ri knew in advance that going on the blind date in place of her friend would lead to so much trouble, would she have done differently? But otherwise, we wouldn’t have A Business Proposal to watch and go crazy like now. Many think that Shin Ha Ri is exaggerating. However, Shin Ha Ri‘s exaggeration is very suitable for the content and atmosphere of the drama so it’s not a big deal. 

Kim Se Jeong suits this role perfectly. Both her portrayals of an ordinary office worker and a femme fatale fake girlfriend are convincing and fun to watch. In the next episode of Business Proposal when her double life gets exposed, Shin Ha Ri promises to be caught up in even more hilarious situations.

If you enjoy watching cheerful, funny and adorable female leads and want to have a good laugh, don’t miss out on these 5 dramas.

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