High Kick’s famous actor is now the male lead of the “rating blockbuster” with the first episode’s rating reaching 24%

The drama It’s Beautiful Now recorded really impressive ratings.

Joining the Korean film race in April, It’s Beautiful Now, although not a hit in the international market, has recorded extremely impressive ratings in its home country of Korea. Due to being shown on the weekend time slot, which holds the extremely high ratings of KBS2, the drama began its rating streak with a peak figure of 24.5%. Currently, after 4 episodes, the number has reached 25.3%.

It's beautiful now
It's beautiful now

One of the strongest impressions in It’s Beautiful Now is the starring of High Kick’s star Yoon Shi Yoon, who takes on the male lead role. In the drama, he plays Lee Hyun Jae, one of the three Lee brothers, who follows celibacy and doesn’t care about dating. As a lawyer specializing in divorce cases, his busy and boring life turns around when he meets a female client who is in need of a divorce from her husband – Hyun Mi Rae (Bae Da Bin).

It's beautiful now

Yoon Shi Yoon does not look very different from 13 years ago. This has been seen clearly when comparing his image in the drama It’s Beautiful Now with the one in High Kick. Despite having a bit of weight gain and darker skin to match the character’s features, Yoon Shi Yoon is still the boy that the public fell in love with 13 years ago. Although the comeback of Yoon Shi Yoon was not successful in the international market, it helped him confirm his position as an actor ensuring stable ratings.

It's beautiful now


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