Here’s why BLACKPINK’s Rosé posted a birthday greeting on her story to another friend before Lisa

Some fans almost thought Rosé and Lisa got into a fight!

March 27 is the day BLACKPINK’s Lisa officially turns 25. To celebrate her birthday with fans around the world, Lisa recently shared moments from her birthday party in Thailand through her Instagram, giving fans a visual shock with how stunning she looks in a blue pastel princess dress.

Because it was Lisa‘s birthday, BLACKPINK’s fans were also looking forward to the members’ birthday greetings for their maknae. Surprisingly, on this day, Rosé wished a friend a happy birthday on her Instagram story, but instead of Lisa, it was model Park Soo Joo, whom Rosé is close to. 

Rosé wished her friend a happy birthday on Instagram
Park Soo Joo-Rose Blackpink

Rosé eventually didn’t greet Lisa on March 27 (Korea time) so many fans got upset thinking she might have forgotten about Lisa’s birthday or the two were fighting. However, on March 28, Rosé posted on her story a photo with Lisa with a sweet caption: “Happy birthday Lisa. Forever my sister from another miss. Love you so so much!”. 

The reason why Rosé posted her birthday message for Lisa a day later is that she was in the US, so the time zone is different from Korea. In fact, Park Soo Joo was born on March 26, she does not have the same birthday as Lisa, so Rosé actually congratulated the right person on the right day!

BLACKPINK’s fanbase is known to include a lot of solo fans and akgaes (toxic individual fans who only like one member and hate the rest of the group). Fights within the fandom happen frequently. So the fact that Rosé wished Lisa a happy birthday a bit late also caused her to be criticized by akgaes. 

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