Here’s how “Snowdrop” pays tribute to late actress Kim Mi Soo in latest episode

Although the broadcast of episode 8 was not postponed, the crew of “Snowdrop” still had a way to remember actress Kim Mi Soo.

On January 7, the funeral of actress Kim Mi Soo, a cast member of JTBC’s Snowdrop, took place after she passed away at the age of 30. To pay tribute to Kim Mi Soo, the crew of Snowdrop‘s crew discussed with her family beforehand on whether or not to postpone episode 8, which was scheduled to broadcast on January 8. Eventually, episode 8 still aired, but JTBC and the production crew remembered the late actress by showing a picture of her at the end with a touching message to Mi Soo:

“A beautiful person with a pure passion for acting.

A warm person who always shares good things.

Rest in peace, actress Kim Mi Soo.”

snowdrop kim mi-soo

This simple but meaningful act of the Snowdrop team received a lot of praise from the audience, many netizens also sent their condolences to actress Kim Mi Soo.

Audience comments:

  • I love you so much.  
  • I cried when watching this part.  
  • You will always be happy, Mi Soo
  • I cried when watching this scene, even though I didn’t have much of an impression of her before.  Thank you for your role in Snowdrop
  • Room 207 has lost an angel

Snowdrop is actress Kim Mi Soo‘s last project.  In the drama, she plays Yeo Jeong Min, an honest and kind short-haired girl, who always protects Young Ro (Jisoo).  On January 5, she suddenly passed away when her role was still unfinished.  After many years of trying to stay in the industry, it is a pity that she left at a time when she was just beginning to receive attention from the public.

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