Heo Chan Mi, “My dad gave up on being a singer and became a pastor to get permission to marry my mother”

Singer Heo Chan Mi talked about the love story of her parents.

The broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “Tongue Martial Arts”, which aired on May 9th, showed singer Heo Chan Mi and brain scientist Jang Dong Sun facing off in the final.


During the game, Heo Chan Mi said the reason she became a trot singer was the secret of her birth. She said, “I’ve been an idol for more than 10 years. After training, I spent a long time working as an idol”.

She then said, “I turned to trot”, adding “I felt more comfortable than when I was an idol. I think it was fate”, drawing curiosity. Mentioning the past of her parents, Heo Chan Mi said, “Their trot DNA flowed into me. My father won an award at the MBC Seoul International Music Festival and later worked as a singer-songwriter at a record label. My mother was an artist at another label but later moved to my father’s workplace”.


Heo Chan Mi shared, “While my mother was preparing for a new album there, she said she needed a male vocal to sing the chorus. At that time, my father came to work. That’s how their fates crossed. Later, the two even worked together under the name ‘Dolbaragi’ when they were dating”.

She continued, “My father fell in love with my mother at first sight. My mother’s house was very strict, and they asked for home training. Upon hearing that they would send a vocal teacher home, my father immediately volunteered. That’s how they ended up having vocal lessons at home. But then grandmother said she had decided to introduce her daughter to a doctor”.


Heo Chan Mi surprised everyone when she said, “Knowing the truth, my grandfather immediately grabbed my father by the collar and said, ‘She can’t marry an entertainer’”, adding “But my father waited for two years and six months. He stood in front of my mother’s house with a guitar all day, every day, waiting. When my grandfather saw that, he called my father and said, ‘If you become a pastor, I’ll allow you to marry my daughter.’ So, my father gave up his career of being a singer-composer and went to theological college to become a pastor”.


She added, “My dad loves music, and I thought about how I could repay his support. Then I decided that I should sing songs I want to sing on behalf of my dad. So I joined a trot audition”, revealing the reason for her change of career direction. Heo Chan Mi added, “My parents were happy about it. Especially my dad, who taught me trot singing skills and was very pleased about it.”

She said, “Thanks to my dad, I think I found the genre that suits me. My dad is here with me today, and I want to give him a gift on this stage”, receiving a big round of applause from the audience.

Source: Daum

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