HB Entertainment “Mental damage for years because of Goo Hye Sun, we can no longer tolerate”

HB Entertainment said on June 20th, “HB Entertainment has been suffering serious financial damage and mental damage due to disputes related to Goo Hye Sun‘s exclusive contract and lawsuits based on repeated false claims for years.”

Goo Hye-sun

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They added, “Despite the fact that this case has nothing to do with non-payment of appearance fees or power abuse, Goo Hye Sun has been damaging HB Entertainment’s reputation and credibility with various false facts for years. Since we can no longer tolerate her distorting and denying even the court’s ruling, interfering with the company’s business and seriously damaging the company’s reputation, we will proceed with legal proceedings for all false information and false reports by Goo Hye Sun.”

Source: Daum

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