Han So Hee’s lesbian movie “Heavy Snow” is finally being released after 4 years

Director Yoon Soo Ik of the movie “Heavy Snow”, starring Han So Hee), revealed his hidden profile and thoughts.

Director Yoon Soo Ik, who drew attention with the LGBTQ+ movie “Heavy Snow” at the 24th National International Film Festival, revealed his profile for the first time.


First, Director Yoon introduced himself, saying “I was born on August 21, 1965, and graduated from Seoul Arts University’s Digital Art Department. I have produced five short films and three documentaries. I’ve been so focused on my work for a long time that I didn’t feel it was necessary to reveal myself, including my face.”

Regarding the evaluations from movie fans and insiders, the director mentioned that he has heard various reviews, and took the time to humbly accept each opinion.


“Personally, I have regrets and there are many shortcomings, but I think it was a time of growth”, the director said, adding, “I am grateful for the excessive attention and will keep in mind all the support. I will not stop thinking about what I can give to all movie lovers through the medium of film, and I will continue to grow.”

When it comes to the future theater release or OTT release plans for “Heavy Snow”, Yoon Soo Ik said, “‘Heavy Snow’ has already been launched, and I believe it will go where it needs to go according to future ties. I’m planning accordingly.”

About the fact that “Heavy Snow” is being released 4 years after completion, he confessed, “After filming, I grew a lot in the rough editing process. When I came out of the shell, I saw different things. I spent 2 years thinking I had to add something to the movie”, adding, “I also wrote the scenario for additional shooting and kept filming. In the third year, I realized that the movie gets better the more you trim it, and I continued the re-editing process.”

han so hee

Director Yoon also mentioned the plan for his next work, saying, “There’s no decision on what story to tell next. However, sincere exploration and study of the world and characters in the shadow, and I will need even further self-reflection time.” 

He then expressed his ambition, “If it feels like the story I want to tell and it feels necessary for the world, I want to take a chance whenever the opportunity is given.”

han so hee

Regarding actress Han So Hee, who was cast as the lead in “Heavy Snow” during her fresh debut days and showed passionate acting, the director conveyed his gratitude by saying, “Just the fact that she appeared in the movie has always been a huge support.”

Meanwhile, the movie “Heavy Snow” depicts the story of a student named Soo An from the theater and film department of an art high school in Gangneung. One day, she suddenly gets close with a high-teen star, Seol, and together they go on a trip to Seoul, only for misunderstandings between the two to unfold.

Source: Daum

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