Han So-hee, the ‘Icon of Desire,’ Mesmerizes with Enigmatic Beauty and Overwhelming Allure

Capturing the Enigmatic Visuals and Overwhelming Charisma, Actress Han So-hee Establishes Herself as a ‘2020s Icon’ for Women

The current trendsetter, Han So-hee, made her debut in 2016 through SHINee’s music video for ‘Tell Me What To Do.’ In 2017, she stepped into the world of dramas with the SBS special drama ‘Reunited Worlds.’

In 2018, while portraying Princess Seryeong Kim So-hye in the tvN drama ‘100 Days My Prince,’ she gained recognition and love from the public. In 2020, she played the role of an unloved illegitimate daughter who grew up well in the JTBC drama ‘The World of the Married,’ where she left a mark with her acting skills while portraying the mistress in an extramarital affair with the male lead. In 2021, she perfectly embodied the character Na Bi in ‘Nevertheless,’ a webtoon-based drama, and received immense love from people in their twenties to thirties due to her extraordinary visuals and chemistry with co-star Song Kang.

Recently, as a true icon of the 2020s, Han So-hee has been in the spotlight with vibrant tattoos and piercings. She shared elaborate floral and butterfly tattoos on her collarbone and arms through her personal social media accounts.

In the past, Han So-hee had tattoos on her wrists and forearms but gradually removed them as she began her acting career. Her recent return to tattoos gained attention once again. However, it was revealed that these were tattoo stickers gifted by overseas fans, putting the controversy to rest. Moreover, she surprised fans with her bold transformation by unveiling a lip and cheek piercing during a live broadcast, saying, ‘I did something I wanted to do. It was fun.’

With her enigmatic visuals, Han So-hee, who showcased her daring presence, is gearing up for a comeback in December with Netflix’s ‘Kyungseong Creature,’ where she will co-star with Park Seo-joon.

Han So-hee’s charming innocence at the drama’s wrap-up party.

han so hee
Newcomer actress Han So-hee in an interview.
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