Kim Hieora’s belated apology to Cha Joo Young “Sorry for stabbing you”

Kim Hieora released undisclosed two-shots with Cha Joo Young.

On March 28th, actress Kim Hieora said, “Hye Jeong, I’m sorry for stabbing you.”

The photos released this time showed Kim Hieora and Cha Joo Young at the filming site of Netflix’s series “The Glory“.

Above all, unlike the situation in the drama, the two created an amicable atmosphere, making viewers feel heartwarming.

Cha Joo Young commented, “Ahhh! Sa Ra, you… I don’t know, but Hieora is cute…”

Meanwhile, “The Glory” is about a woman whose soul was broken by school violence during her childhood, as she carefully prepared her whole life for a revenge plan and the story of those who fall into the vortex.

Source: Nate

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