Han So Hee stays humble despite her princess-like visual, “What princess?” 

Actress Han So Hee mentioned the toy “princess jewelry set” that became sold out after she wore them. 

On April 7th, Harper’s Bazaar Korea posted a video titled, “Han So Hee, she almost couldn’t wear this dress? From the dresses Han So Hee wore at award ceremonies to her personal fashion preferences, all the behind-the-scenes you were curious about are revealed!”, on their official YouTube channel.

In the video, Han So Hee mentioned a toy princess jewelry set that she once wore and became sold-out later, saying, “I’ve seen many people wearing it these days.”

The actress also added, “The dress is mine, and a friend gave me the princess set as a gift.”

In addition, Han So Hee recalled the dress she wore at an award ceremony in 2022, saying, “I was really worried about it until the day before. I thought it might be too much.”

“Fortunately, many people wore incredibly interesting clothes”, she also shared, adding, “It was a relief that I could leave an impression with that color.”

Finally, Han So Hee was asked about her feelings regarding the nickname “princess”. At this, the actress showed a flustered expression and said, “What princess?”, before confessing that she likes Snow White.

Source: Nate

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